Tingting Liao


:sparkles: :smile: Hi, I am a PhD student, in MBZUAI, advised by Hao Li. My research interests are 3D computer vision, avatar generation, animation and reconstruction.

I earned my Master’s degree from the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, working in National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition under the supervision Zhen Lei. Before that I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Wuhan Polytechnic University.

Contact: tingting.liao@mbzuai.ac.ae , tingtingliao000@gmail.com


Oct 22, 2023 TADA is accepted by 3DV2024.
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  1. tada.gif
    TADA! Text to Animatable Digital Avatars
    Tingting Liao, Hongwei Yi , Yuliang Xiu , and 4 more authors
    3DV, 2024
  2. tech.gif
    TeCH: Text-guided Reconstruction of Lifelike Clothed Humans
    Yangyi Huang , Hongwei Yi , Yuliang Xiu , and 4 more authors
    3DV, 2024
  3. car.gif
    High-Fidelity Clothed Avatar Reconstruction from a Single Image
    Tingting Liao, Xiaomei Zhang , Yuliang Xiu , and 7 more authors
    CVPR, 2023